West Ham United Anthem Narrates Fans

The Premier League club West Ham United is known for having a rather unique anthem which narrates fans of the club blowing bubbles up in the sky and just like their dreams, before reaching the sky they fade away and die.

There are fans that want the anthem to be changed as it does not project a very successful or positive image towards the club with their dreams fading away, it’s not something that anybody wants to hear or actually happen to them.

West Ham United is currently going through a splendid start of season after claimed victories over: Crystal Palace, Liverpool, Queens Park Rangers, Burnley and Manchester City. The team of Sam Allardyce is located at the 4th spot of the Premier League having collected 18 points out of the 11 league matches that have been played.

They have managed to secure a spot above Arsenal, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspurs as all of those clubs are located behind them with lower amount of points. This beginning of the season of the Premier League has been surprising as Southampton is also making a breakthrough season.

Sam Allardyce has warned his players not to get too carried away about how things have been going recently and simply try to focus in the short term as each match passes on and avoid thinking or planning out trying to win major trophies. The 60 year old English wants to keep everyone grounded and keep their feet on the ground before anything else.

“It’s not difficult for me but sometimes the players find it a bit difficult. I said to the players don’t start reading about yourself too much or else we’ll have to start changing the size of the doors to get their heads through. So keep your feet on the ground and don’t read too much praise about yourself, just like you shouldn’t read too much of the criticism.” Sam Allardyce said as he responded to questions that were asked in relation if all of these positive results could give his players a bigger ego or over-sense of confidence.

Allardyce is hoping that this positive streak can continue for as long as possible and hopefully finish at the end of the season but not want to fade away like the lyrics of the anthem of his club.