2 penalty kicks from Steven Gerrard gave Liverpool a controversial 2-1 triumph victory over West Ham and even though the match was played a few days ago, there still are complaints and criticism being made involving some of the decision that were committed in the match.

During West Ham’s match against Liverpool, Gerrard was awarded with a penalty kick at the 44th minute and the veteran midfielder made no mistake in firing it home but Sam Allardyce and his players responded a few minutes later with Guy Demel as he got the ball into the net of Simon Mignolet.

When it seemed as if the match was going to conclude on a 1-1 draw, another penalty kick was awarded to Liverpool and Gerrard made it count as he scored the 2nd and last goal for his club which was just enough for Liverpool to claim the victory.

When the match was over, Matt Taylor of West Ham has urged football authorities on taking into consideration additional help for referees.

Taylor said: “I understand referees are human and have an exceptionally difficult job. But you are playing with people’s livelihoods and it’s a lot of pressure on them.
“He made what he thought was the right decision but you have to be 100 per cent sure to give a decision in the Premier League. It seems football doesn’t want to go down that route at the moment. Lots of other sports do, but it seems football doesn’t want to’’.

“But it would take away some criticism of referees because it would give someone else sat in the stand or in front of a screen the time they need to make the right decision’’.
Gerrard later responded stating that West Ham tried everything in their power trying to take away the victory from Liverpool but his club proved that they have what it takes to charge for the title despite the circumstances or opponents