This is not the first time that the supporters of West Ham United want Sam Allardyce to be given the axe. This has happened in the past as well and every time, the Englishman has managed to silence his critics.

But, one thing is for sure that the current situation is a lot worse than the situations in the past. The hammers have been suffering big defeats on a regular basis and their chances of finishing in the relegation zone are looking pretty good.

In the last couple of matches, West Ham has conceded as many as 11 goals and that itself tells the whole story. Their performance has been deteriorating more and more with every match.

Till now, the club owners have been very patient and have shown a lot of faith in the manager. But, after the last two defeats, they must also have started getting a bit edgy now. No owners like seeing their team drifting towards relegation.

Some people say that West Ham could have performed much better than this if all their players had been fit. That might be true, but, the thing that needs to be noted is that even in those matches in which the Hammers have played with their full strength squad, they haven’t performed up to the expectations and that shows that there is a lack of quality in the squad. There just haven’t been enough potential there.

It would surely be unfair to say that the manager has not been responsible at all for all these defeats of the Hammers. The man in charge always has to take the responsibility, but, it must also be kept in mind that he hasn’t had the resources that some of the other managers are blessed with.