West Ham United manager Sam Allardyce has revealed that he has no sympathy for the relegated Blackburn Rovers, whom he used to manage a few seasons ago.

The former Bolton Wanderers manager was sacked in the most acrimonious circumstances by the Blackburn board. He was eventually replaced by his assistant Steve Kean, who has since slandered Allardyce according to the Liverpool fanzine.

Even though Sam Allardyce was doing a reasonably good job at Blackburn Rovers by keeping the club near the top half of the table, Steve Kean failed spectacularly to keep the club in the Premier league.

As a result, they were relegated from the Premier league for the first time in more than a decade. The club now faces an uncertain future, due to the presence of many high-profile clubs in the Championship this season. The club will be able to receive parachute payments for one more season only if they do not come back in this season itself. Sam Allardyce, though, has no sympathy for his former club because he is extremely distraught at the way the club officials treated him. However, he does still extremely sad for Bolton Wanderers, who managed to get into the Premier league under his guidance. Allardyce spent seven seasons at Bolton before moving to Newcastle.

“I have to say there wasn’t much feeling when Blackburn were relegated because of the way they treated me. Bolton is a different story because I left them and I only did that because of their lack of ambition. Everyone knows how much the club means to me and always will, so I was saddened by their relegation,” said the West Ham United manager in a recent interview. Sam Allardyce helped West Ham get back into the Premier league in the first instance. The club are now looking to sign Andy Carroll for £ 20 million.