Rumoured sponsorship deal between Jackpot City

Although there are always lots of rumours on the internet, and within the media in general, about the top sides in the Premier League, most of them revolve around issues like possible transfers and managerial sackings.

Behind the scenes though all the clubs are working hard to generate potential sponsorship deals because these can be a serious source of income, and one of the rumours going round at the moment suggests that a top Premier League side may be about to unveil a lucrative deal with Jackpot City.

JackpotCity (JPC) is one of the major sites, and given that this industry is one of the few that can be said to be rivalling Premier League football for global appeal such a deal would be welcomed by the club and its supporters. Indeed, there has long been crossover appeal between football and gambling – just look at stars like Michael Owen and Sir Alex Ferguson with their race horses, and Teddy Sheringham, who has become a pro-poker player since his retirement.

A lot of fans love to gamble as well, although it has usually been sports betting that has attracted them. If the JPC rumour proves to be true, it will make them one of several gambling firms sponsoring Premier League teams, which all the stats indicate is likely to attract more fans to sample online casino gaming. Should they do so they will find that JPC has a number of football-based games available – like the Shoot slots game, which is named after the iconic football magazine.

Although the Premier League club at the centre of the rumours has not yet been named, it would certainly represent a good deal for them as well, as gambling is another boom industry and clubs need to increase the money they are bringing in ahead of the much-discussed FIFA Fair Play rules, which will only allow clubs to spend what they make.