Bilic frustrated with Carroll

West Ham manager SlavenBilic has revealed that he is disappointed with Andy Carroll injury record during this campaign and that he will be discussing this issue with the player after the season.

He said that this is a shame as Andy Carroll is a good player and that he would have been helpful for the team if he remained fit, but unfortunately, this has not been the case this season.

Indeed the striker has managed to make only 18 appearances in the Premier League this season and has only played for a full 90 minutes in only 12 games so far this season.

The player is currently injured after a groin injury, and there are chances that he will be missing the next game against Tottenham Hotspur.

SlavenBilic said that his team has struggled to score goals this season and he feel that things would have been different if Andy Carroll was on the pitch. He said that the striker is a powerful one and allow his defender to relieve the pressure by kicking the ball high up the field.

The manager said that he was gutted by a number of matches that Carroll missed this season and that they would have managed to score more goals if the striker was present on the pitch.

Bilic said that West Ham experienced their best run of form this season winning 6 games out of 9 when Andy Carroll was on the pitch and that their form has dwindled ever since the striker has been injured.

He said that Carroll is a professional player and that it is unfortunate that he has been experiencing such an injury record this season.

He said that he will be discussing this issue during the close season and that he will need to find a solution together with the player.