West Ham Antonio Closes in on a Return

Michail Antonio might make his return to West Ham after the international break. The winger of Hammer has been missing from the team since he tore his hamstring in the Carabao Cup where they won 2-0 over Newport Country on the 27th of August. The injury had been so serious that it needed to be left alone so that it swelled down prior to being operated.

This had been the 3rd hamstring injury that Antonia had suffered during his career. Moreover, there are some initial fears that he might be out of the team till 2020. Nevertheless, Manuel Pellegrini, the manager gave a positive update regarding the progress of the winger during a press conference and revealed that Antonio is going to back in the game for Spurs visit London Stadium.

As a matter of fact, it has also been revealed by the 29th year old that he is taking supplementing for strengthening his injured hamstring for ensuring that he does not hamper it for the 4th successive time. Earlier this month, he had opened up regarding the troubles that he had been encountering with his hamstring. He says he is taking supplements so that he is not sidelined in time to come.

Antonio said that it is quite frustrating that it is his first one. However, every time it happens, it is in a different place. Hence, it is not a recurring wound and is a different one. The first time it had been towards the bottom on his left, then it was on the top of the left, and now it is on the top of the right. He hopes he is going to stay fit. It is not the muscle that is being injured but the tendons and he wants to strengthen it somehow.