West Ham will be better next season

West Ham manager SlavenBilic believes that the London club will be better next season as they will now be used to their new stadium.

He believes that moving to the new stadium has had a physicological effect on the team, but he feels that they have benefited from it.

He said that it was not an easy task to get used to a new atmosphere and playing in front of so many fans, but he thinks that the players have grown mentally in this condition. He believes that this can be an asset next season and that the players will become tougher in their head.

Bilic admitted that it had not been an easy season for them and things got worst when Dimitri Payet decided to leave the team. He said that the French player has been an instrumental player for them in the previous season and that they were counting on him to inspire the team to great success this season.

Unfortuatentely the midfielder choose to leave the team in the middle of the season, and he believes that this had an impact on the team. The manager said that the team was used to play in a certain way with Payet as the playmaker and when he left they had to change the system altogether.

He believes that this is one of the reasons why the team struggled during this campaign, but he believes that next season it will be much better.

He said that the players are now used to the atmosphere in the new stadium and that he will be looking forward to adding some new players in the team strengthen it.

He said that he has no intention of leaving the club and that he will sign a new contract if ever the club is interested in him to continue as manager.